AUTOMATIC BELL RINGING SYSTEM - APB (Gong Bell, Siren, Hooter Compatible)

Specifications Descriptions
Ringing Pattern Single Stroke long bell with user programmable ringing duration between 01-99 seconds. Each bell can have different ringing duration
Ringer Compatibility Gong Bell, Sirens, Hooters, or any ringer operative at 230V AC
Total bells a Day 50
Programming Calender Holidays 120 Holidays in a year
Programming Modes Summer, Winter and Exam
Each Day of week can have seperate Schedules Available
Memory to Store Schedules 24 different Schedules can be prestored

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This system comes with option of programming each bell with different ringing duration between 01 to 99 seconds. For Example bell is to ring at 07:00 am so user will program bell at 07:00 am with ringing duration between 01 to 99 seconds.

Salient Features

1. 7 Days Programming: Every day of the week can be programmed with different schedule i.e. Monday can have different schedule than Tuesday or Saturday or any other day of the week.

2. No. of Schedules: 24 different Time Table schedules can be programmed. Out of these 24 Schedules any schedule can be selected to ring on any weekday. Can be used for programming Half Day, exams, seasonal, cultural schedule etc.

3. Number of Bells per Schedule: 50 Bells to ring in 24 Hours. Which is sufficient even for school running in three shifts or a day boarding school.

4. Calendar Holidays: 10 holidays a month; in total 120 holidays in a year.  

5. Monthly Holiday: Any fix date, second Saturday or last working day of month can also be programmed as holidays.

6. Weekly Holiday: Any number of days in week can be programmed as weekly holiday.

7. 03 Modes: Summer, Winter and Exam Mode.

8. Input Supply: 220V 50Hz single phase AC Supply.

9. Output: 220V 50Hz 5Amp single phase AC.

10. Dimensions : 143mmX 110mm X 50mm