Point To Point Two Way Audio Communication System / Hotline System

Specifications Descriptions
Two Way Communication Available in Half Duplex mode
Speaker Wattage 06 Watt Each
Builtin Microphone Available in both Speakers
Press To Talk Switch Available in Attendant’s speaker, Customer’s Speaker is Hand’s free
External Microphone Compatible Only Attendant speaker.
Sound Level 125db at Source
Maximum Distance Between both Units 100 Meters

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This system is best suited for effective Two Way Communication between two points in a building. The maximum distance between both points can be 100 Meters. There are two amply-speakers installed on two points in building. These speakers come with built-in microphone and speaker to speak and listen to each other.

Looking at the current Covid-19 pandemic the first need is to maintain social distancing, so this device helps users to conduct two way communications in a safe and protective environment without the fear of getting infected because of your visitor.

The best application areas are for communication between:

    • Manager and Worker.
    • Reception and Guard room.
    • Boss and Secretary.
    • Doctor and Staff.
    • Point to point communication in defense establishments.
    • Many More…

Salient Features:

    • Speakers: Both Speakers are 06 Watt Amply-speakers, so there is no need to connect any external amplifier.
    • Audible range: Speakers generate 125db sound at Source. This is pretty loud to even have conversation at noisy place.
    • Microphone: Both speakers have built-in microphones which are sensitive enough to capture user voice from even 3 meters of distance.
    • Provision to connect external microphone: Attendant Speaker has a 3.5mm jack to connect external microphones are Headband mic, collar mic etc. Customer Speakers are hands free speakers. Customer doesn’t have to touch anything, they can stand at a distance and have conversation.
    • Press to Talk Switch (PTT) : Attendant speaker has a push button switch to right of speaker. Whenever attendant has to speaker, he/she has to press this PTT switch and release to listen. Speaker also has a port to connect external push button or maintained switch for ease of use.
    • Maximum Distance between Two Speakers – 100 Meters.
    • Cabinet – Sheet Metal powder coated.
    • Dimensions: Attendant Speaker – 210 X 155 X 88 mm
      Customer Speaker – 256 X 200 X 77 mm