Specifications Descriptions
Two Way PA System (Speak and listen) Available
One to One Communication (Talk Back ) Available
All Call Mode Available
Group Call Mode Available for 05 Groups upto 10 rooms each
Call Initiating facility from Speaker to Master Not Available
Specifications Descriptions
Emergency Button on Speaker Not Available
Specifications Descriptions
Through 3.5mm AUX Available
Micro SD Card upto 32GB Available
Specifications Descriptions
Integrated Automatic School Bell System Available
Total bells a Day 50
Pre loaded Bell Sound files Available 53 sounds, can upload upto 99
Programming Calender Holidays 120 Holidays in a year
Programming Modes Summer, Winter and Exam
Each Day of week can have seperate Schedule Available
Memory to Store Schedules 24 different Schedules can be programmed
Application Areas:

Model BS-101 is best suited model for School applications. So it’s School, colleges, universities, coaching institutes and all types of education establishments.

Model : BS-101 is basically a Two way Audio Communication System which enable  user to have Two Way Communication in any one zone out of total 99 zones.  It works on one set of cable in daisy chain pattern i.e one speaker to other speaker and so on. No need to lay 40 cables for 40 speaker or 80 cables for 80 speakers.

System Components:

1. Master Console Model : BS-101M

2. Speaker BS-51S

No amplifier required. System has active speakers.

Salient Feature:

1. One to One Communication with Talk Back (Two Way Communication): Can Speak as well as Listen to any selected speaker / zone without disturbing other zones.

2. All Call/ General Announcement: Announcements of common interests can be made. Voice will be audible in all Speakers/ Slave / Classroom units simultaneously.

3. Group Call: User can make 05 groups of 02 to 10 rooms each. Groups can be made of rooms sharing common interests like Senior, junior section, playgroup, staff rooms etc.

4. Selective Call: Rooms not included in groups, can be called selectively by entering room numbers directly in Master controller.

5. External Audio: Standard 3.5mm Jack for playing music from external devices like Computers, Mobile etc.

6. Automatic Bell Ringing System : Program whole day schedule and bells will ring automatically. All 7 days of week can be programmed with different time tables.

7. Micro-SD Card: User can upload desired sound files as bell sounds or for playing music. SD Card will come with 53 sound files factory loaded. These 53 sound files include various combinations like female voice narration This is Period No 1, its your lunch time etc. and traditional Tawa bell sound “Tan-Tan”.

8. Calendar Holidays: User can program 10 Holidays for each month. So total 120holidays in a year excluding Sundays.